Investment Process


Setting Up the Hypotheis

The management and our team of Quant Analysts rely on their decades of experience in the stock markets and Reserach Papers to come up with distinctive ideas to test in the F&O segment of the Indian Stock Exchanges


Portfolio Testing

Once ready, the algorithms are tested on the entire database of F&O stocks. The results of the algorithms are submitted to the management who study the viability of these strategies.


Coding & Backtesting the Hypothesis

Our team of Algo Developer codes (alogorithms) the hypotheis to test their viability. The analysts are constantly involved in the process to ensure the quality of codes at every step, analyze the results, and optimize the hypotheis by achieving higher risk-adjusted numbers.


Execution of Trades

The approved strategies are executed by our team of seasoned traders - manually or through our in-house API. The real time trades are compared with the back-tested results on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency, and for any further optimization if required.


We take pride in our accomplishments thus far and strive & to become an enviable and dominant force in the industry.

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