About Us

What We Do

What We Do

Ebullient Securities specializes in Quantitative Proprietary Trading. We, along with our sister concerns, have presence in multiple markets across global exchanges where we continuously engage in finding a niche for ourselves in the ever-dynamic capital market. We strive to ascertain quantitative factors that are relevant in the market through a disciplined and systematic approach. These factors then meet unparalleled risk management techniques before finally going live in the market. Through continuous and repeated efforts these strategies are then refined over time to generate consistent alpha.

Our Principles

Our Principles

Ebullient is a goal-oriented organization, for itself and its employees.We strive for growth by achieving our time-based goals and excelling in our day-to-day work.We value hard work, consistency, improvisation at work and perseverance in our employees, and advocate for an equal voice for everyone. We equally ensure to maintain a healthy work-life balance amongst our employees to ensure a smile on the long journey that lies ahead of us.

Our Journey


Our Goal

We take pride in our accomplishments thus far and strive to become an enviable and dominant force in the industry. Over time our goal is to trade every major exchange across the globe with utmost finesse and diligence. Our experience guides us through the darkest corners and reinforces that risk control is the key to continuous growth and existence. Continuous learning keeps us ahead of the curve and provides us with ample trading opportunities- ushering us towards our goals.

Our Team

Udit Aggarwal

Founder & Director

Udit Aggarwal is the Managing Director of Ebullient Securities Pvt Ltd. His inimitable approach towards the capital markets provides the company with research and risk management that have become the pillars of strength for the firm. His passion for the stock markets stems from a very early age as a son of trading parents. His ambition of becoming a trader got fulfilled after he graduated as an Industrial Engineer from USC (University of Southern California).

Gunjan Grover

Founder & Director

Gunjan Grover is a mathematics major from the prestigious Delhi University. Before joining the stock market in 2011, she got the pulse of the market as a journalist working with Indias leading news networks, reporting and presenting 360° news affairs including business, politics, sports and lifestyle for 6 years.

Nisha Aggarwal

Founder & Director

Nisha Aggarwal is one of the original founders of Ebullient Securities Pvt Ltd. She has over 25 years of experience in the stock market where she has developed and implemented many successful quantitative strategies. Her research, formidable insight and guidance are indispensible to the firm, making sure we never leave any stone unturned. She also holds a Msc (Math) from Delhi University.

We take pride in our accomplishments thus far and strive & to become an enviable and dominant force in the industry.

Ebullient Securities

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